“Requirements for Welding and Brazing Procedure and Performance Qualification”

“This document contains the requirements for the qualification of welding and brazing procedures, welders, welding operators, brazers and brazing operators that must be met prior to any production fabrication.  It includes manual, semiautomatic, automatic and machine welding and brazing of ferrous, nonferrous, and dissimilar metals.  The qualification tests required by this document are devised to demonstrate the ability of welders, brazers, welding operators and brazing operators to produce sound welds or brazes.”

Advance Welding is currently qualified to S9074-AQ-GIB-010/248 for the following materials:

S-1 to S-1
S-4 to S-4
S-25 to S-25
S-53 to S-53
S/S 329
S/S 312 overlay on S/S 303
Brass & Bronze Alloy Combinations
Stellite #6 overlay on 4130/S-4
Stellite #6 overlay on S-6
Stellite #6 overlay on CrMoV

If you have any further material qualification requirements, please contact us.